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Tracking the Sun

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve been wanting to make you more aware of variations in sunlight throughout the year.  As I wrote last spring, rooftop gardens give you nearly unobstructed access to sunlight, which is the most critical element in creating a successful garden.  And since this week the autumnal equinox for the
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Nebraska Wedding Week!

Last spring when I was planting tomato seedlings for Dinette’s rooftop garden, I proclaimed nothing could be as romantic as eating a Thessaloniki (seeds developed in Greece) tomato in Pittsburgh.  Apparently the rooftop gods were not listening!  The 6 containers of Nebraska Wedding tomatoes on Dinette’s roof have won the productivity contest.  In the photo
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Leaves and Fruits: A Rooftop Inventory

This gardening note is primarily an historical one.  Somewhere I need to write down exactly what is growing on the Dinette rooftop the summer of 2011.  But in putting this list together, it occurred to me that I might also separate the low-effort vegetables from the high-effort ones, just in case you’re thinking, “Maybe I
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A Well-Watered Machine

It’s been more than two months since I’ve written anything about the Dinette rooftop garden.  Why the wait?  Getting two container gardens of equal size ready for production at Dinette and at home has kept me very busy! And what is this well-watered machine I’m talking about?  It’s the essence of an efficient container garden. 
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Searching for More Tomatoes: Early Girls, 4th of July, and Thessaloniki

Aside from Nebraska Wedding tomatoes, there are two better known varieties in the seedling stage right now, Early Girl and 4th of July.  As their names suggest, our obvious goal is to have ripe tomatoes as early as possible.  But then, we’ve gone far afield for a fourth variety which I tried in my own container
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