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In Search of Tomatoes: Nebraska Wedding

Newly emerged tomato seedlings are not necessarily a pretty sight, but for the vegetable grower they’re a pleasant one.  When seeds are in the ground, or in this case small peat pots, all you can do for 7 to 14 days is wait for them to emerge.  Once they’ve sent their stem and first two
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Shishito Peppers Don’t Follow Instructions

Remember last summer when the shishito peppers with fried almonds and chevre had an occasional red pepper along with the regular green ones?  That didn’t happen by chance.  Dinette was just starting a tradition by growing its own shishitos to see how they tasted if they were fully ripe.  More days on the plant means more sun
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“Perfect Sunlight”

Oops!  If you haven’t watched Doug Oster’s video on Dinette’s rooftop garden, go back to the Rooftop Garden page and click on Oster’s video. It’s the best starting point for understanding the importance of “perfect sunlight” when starting a vegetable garden.  “Sunlight is sunlight,” you say.  But on a flat rooftop, as opposed to an
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Chatham Local Foods Showcase

I just got back from the Chatham’s Local Foods Showcase. I should have mentioned this earlier to everyone to encourage you to attend, but I obviously dropped the ball. Let’s say it’s fair warning for next year. And definitely go next year, because it’s great food and great information from local purveyors for just $10.
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“Last One There is a Rotten Egg”

Welcome to Dinette’s new website. And thanks to Ryan Urban at Fringe for providing us with something proper. We have made several changes to the website―better pictures, easier navigation, and the addition of Chef, Wine, and Garden Notes. But the most obvious change is dropping Dinette’s old message: “Pizzas · Wine · Local · Sustainable.”
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