This is the fourth spring I’ve been back in Pittsburgh but only the first that I could get my hands on some local asparagus.  There is not just some available this year, but enough to go around and it makes me positively giddy.  I was frantically stuffing a bag with spears at the farmers market stand until I realized they had more still on the truck.  “There’s more!  Are you kidding me!”  So I stopped blocking the woman next to me and let her grab a few bunches 🙂

The asparagus from Putman Place was beautiful and thin.  Clarion River Organics had equally tender spears, though theirs were nice and fat.  All I’ve tried has been super tasty.  According to the farmer I spoke with today, this rain is helpful, but even so we probably just have one, maybe two more weeks of local asparagus left.

So take advantage now.  Come have some on our pizzas or in the fritto misto or get down to the farmers market and pick some up yourself.  You will be eating asparagus that was probably picked within the last 24 hours if not that morning.  By July your only choice will be asparagus from California (if you’re lucky) or Peru.  And it doesn’t matter what grocery store you shop at; There is nothing sustainable or responsible about buying asparagus grown in Peru.