Welcome to Dinette’s new website. And thanks to Ryan Urban at Fringe for providing us with something proper. We have made several changes to the website―better pictures, easier navigation, and the addition of Chef, Wine, and Garden Notes. But the most obvious change is dropping Dinette’s old message: “Pizzas · Wine · Local · Sustainable.”

One reason for doing this was to make room for the honest-to-goodness Merriam Webster definition of “Dinette.” I grew up eating in a dinette, a small room connected to our kitchen, but naively I assumed everyone else had as well. I was totally surprised the first time someone made an inaccurate connection between “diner” and “Dinette.” Live and learn.

The second reason we dropped this description of “Dinette” is because it’s 2011! Using local products and running a sustainable business should by now be the rule, not the exception. Expect it of all the businesses you solicit. Be disappointed when they aren’t socially and environmentally responsible―maybe satisfied, but not impressed when they are. So, I am not going to plaster it across my website and window anymore. I know this is an optimistic and idealistic stand to take, but maybe expecting all businesses to be local and sustainable will help them become so. I’m going to try.

Now, enough with the heavy. Don’t expect this kind of call to arms in all my posts. My notes will primarily be about ingredients and dishes on the menu. I have zero practice in writing for the public, so if there are things that you would like me to write about, please send me an email at dine@dinette-pgh.com. And most importantly, thank you for being interested in Dinette. We greatly appreciate your business and support. You are the most important part of making Dinette sustainable.