Thessaloniki and Other Seedlings

Aside from Nebraska Wedding tomatoes, there are two better known varieties in the seedling stage right now, Early Girl and 4th of July.  As their names suggest, our obvious goal is to have ripe tomatoes as early as possible.  But then, we’ve gone far afield for a fourth variety which I tried in my own container garden a few years ago.  It’s called a Thessaloniki, developed by the Greek Ministry of Agriculture in 1957  and named after Thessalonika, once the capital of the Byzantine Empire, now the second-largest city in Greece.  The Thessaloniki starts out yellowish-orange and ripens to red.  Not only does it taste good, but the plant generates dense foliage to protect the fruit from cracking or sunburn.   Optimist that I am, I’m planning on a sunny summer during which the extra foliage is needed.   Can you think of anything more romantic than eating a Greek tomato?  Even in Pittsburgh?