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Letter to the Editor

On January 25th, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an infuriating editorial entitled Lighten Up: Getting students to eat healthy requires flexibility – see left. My letter to the editor submission is below.  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has yet to respond to me, so I decided to self-publish.  Thanks for reading. Dear Editorial Board: I agree that the Senate
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Slow Food Notes: Yes, the Dinette Rooftop Garden is Planted

For five days now, photos of a fully planted rooftop garden have been sitting in my camera.  And for almost nine months now, I haven’t written a single garden note.  Certainly, I’ve set a record for “slow food” reporting.  My excuse?  Well, planning and planting the containers in both my own garden (62 containers) and
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This is the fourth spring I’ve been back in Pittsburgh but only the first that I could get my hands on some local asparagus.  There is not just some available this year, but enough to go around and it makes me positively giddy.  I was frantically stuffing a bag with spears at the farmers market
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Frascati Superiore

New item on the menu this week is the Frascati Superiore from Tenuta di Pietra Porzia.  Mostly malvasia grapes mixed with a little trebbiano, it’s ripe fruit, refreshing acidity and a nice long finish.  The rep introduced me to this wine conjuring a romantic scene “If you sat down outside a trattoria in Rome today,
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Tracking the Sun

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve been wanting to make you more aware of variations in sunlight throughout the year.  As I wrote last spring, rooftop gardens give you nearly unobstructed access to sunlight, which is the most critical element in creating a successful garden.  And since this week the autumnal equinox for the
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